Sports Podiatry

Podiatrists are specialist clinicians within the foot, ankle & lower leg. Sports podiatry analyses how the foots interacts with the ground & how the loads & forces affect the entire lower limb. 

Sports Podiatry Consultation

Our initial consultation provides a detailed history discussing any musculoskeletal issues, activity/training levels & general health. This is then followed by a detailed assessment that includes

  • Joint range of movement
  • Muscle strength
  • Balance 
  • Pressure analysis
  • Footwear assessment & recommendations 

Following this we then will provide an initial diagnosis along with management plan that can include routine podiatry treatment, foot orthoses, bracing, footwear or strength & conditioning. Depending on the outcome or severity of injury we can provide GP or Physiotherapy referral or referral for further investigation including 3D gait analysis, X-ray or MRI scans. 

Our management options

We use a number of management options in our approach to injuries we see in clinic. These include

  • Foot orthoses
  • Running footwear
  • Exercise prescription
  • Taping & strapping
  • Routine Podiatry