Sports Podiatry

Our sports podiatry consultation is available to anyone with a foot, ankle or lower leg injury or looking for advice & fitting for running footwear. We provide assessment & management for individuals with

  • Muscle & joint pain/stiffness
  • Sports related injuries
  • Occupational related injuries
  • Arthritic pain of the foot & ankle
  • Footwear related issues

Our specialist clinician will take a detailed history of your injury, carry out a full clinical assessment including RS Scan dynamic pressure analysis, to provide an initial diagnosis so that you can begin a management programme as soon as possible. 

As part of our sports podiatry service we also offer a unique service with regards to footwear assessment & fitting. A runner's gait changes year on year in terms of their experience, conditioning, technique, previous injury history & speed, but how many runners reflect this in their footwear choices? 

With new emerging technology & constant changes in footwear brands & models  based on sizing, geometry, midsole construction your new shoes will never be the same as the pair you have been running in for the last 12 months. 

Our footwear assessment & fitting provides runners with the most up to date evidence based advice on running footwear in the UK.  Following all consultations we provide a PDF summary report of the information including footwear choices & recommendations based on your running, requirements, fitting & comfort. 

We can help with

  • Running Injuries
  • Lower leg pain
  • Foot & ankle pain
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Plantar fascia pain
  • Gait re-education
  • Running footwear

We provide strength & conditioning advice, footwear advice & fitting along with prescription for our world leading phits bespoke 3D printed insoles

Through our partnership with Easy Runner, Bristol we are also able to provide up to date advice & fitting for running footwear brands

  • Asics
  • Altra
  • Brooks
  • Hoka
  • Mizuno
  • New Balance
  • On
  • Saucony

RS Scan Dynamic Pressure Analysis

RS Scan are leaders in plantar pressure measurement. With 4096 sensors RS Scan records up to 500 frames of pressure data a second allowing in depth analysis of pressure & force distribution & their association with the biomechanics of the foot. 

The software offers a platform for carrying out static and dynamic analyses, showing 3D visualizations, generating force graphs and comparing between different measurements of the same or different patients.increased pressure in a particular area of the foot