Run Lab Clinics

Run Lab Gait Analysis

Running is one of the most popular ways to keep fit. However factors such as running technique, footwear choices, muscular weakness, imbalances & reduced joint range of movement can increase mechanical stress & load above levels at which our soft tissues can tolerate, leading to fatigue, reduced performance, eventual breakdown & injury.  

Our gait analysis consultation provides runners with one of the most up to date consultations in the UK in advanced gait analysis & running footwear assessment. Using state of the art RS Scan dynamic pressure analysis & OptoGait advanced movement analysis our 90 minute consultation provides

  • Analysis for identifying cause & mechanism of injury
  • Advice for reducing injury risk factors
  • Advice & fitting for running footwear
  • Prescription for bespoke 3D printed custom foot orthoses

Treatment Options

Following a Run Lab Biomechanics consultation you will receive a digital report & exercise plan that can include

  • Strengthening exercises
  • Balance & stability exercises
  • Range of movement exercises 
  • Gait re-education

If recommended we can provide professional running footwear advice & fitting &/or prescription of our world leading bespoke 3D printed custom foot orthoses.