Advanced Movement Analysis

OptoGait Advanced Movement Analysis

OptoGait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment utilizing precision optical measurements between two light bars to gather data. During running the contact and flight times can be measured with an accuracy of 1 thousandth of a second. 

With OptoGait we can assess, plan & treat individuals with conditions/injury affecting their ability to run. We are able to measure underlying mechanical inefficiencies & target any problematic areas. 


OptoGait is a state of the art advanced movement analysis system that brings a proven philosophy of assessment to injury prevention, footwear assessment & performance

OptoGait Running Parameters

  • Total contact time
  • Total swing time
  • Single leg support 
  • Step length
  • Stride length
  • 3 foot phases (initial contact, mid stance, propulsive) 

Running Footwear Analysis

  • HD 240 fps video analysis
  • Rear & side view analysis
  • Accurate foot measurement
  • Multiple footwear testing
  • Gait re-education advice

OptoGait enables us to provide real time analysis of your running gait & provide the most up to date running footwear advice & fitting service in the UK.

Our non-biased approach provides you with all the up to date information on all running brands & models along with analysis of your run technique