Online Sports Podiatry Consultation

Sometimes it is not possible to visit us in clinic for an appointment. You may be working away, on holiday, moved to a different part of the world, or just too busy. Our online video consultations enable us to help you with your running, foot or ankle related injuries all without leaving the comfort of your own home, we can also assess & provide assessment on footwear as well.

Our online consultations provide a detailed history, injury advice, management & diagnosis Following our online consultations you will receive a report with management plan including strength & conditioning exercises &/or return to run plan if required. During our review appointments we can check your progress, update your exercise plan & provide ongoing advice for managing your problem. Video consultations are compatible with most computers, tablets or smartphones provide they are equipped with a webcam or camera device.

We provide all necessary steps regarding injury, pain, training modifications, running footwear, & exercise prescription. However, if after an online consultation we feel we do need to see you in clinic & you are ok with that then we can arrange a time that best suits, but you will NOT pay double, all we will charge is the difference between the online & clinic based consultation.  

We can provide information, advice & management options for

  • Assessment & diagnosis of running, foot & ankle related injuries
  • Prescribing & reviewing strength & conditioning exercises 
  • Prescribing & reviewing return to run plans 
  • Prescription & review of foot orthoses
  • Footwear assessment & advice.
  • Providing written reports for other health professionals.