Sports Podiatry + 3D Gait Analysis (Silver Package)

Our 90 min silver package is for injured or non-injured runners looking for accurate & in-depth analysis regarding their running gait, or those with musculoskeletal issues that have been referred by another healthcare professional. 

This consultation provides a detailed history discussing any musculoskeletal issues, activity/training levels & general health. This is followed by

  • 3D gait analysis
  • 2D HD video analysis of lower limb 
  • Cadence, stride length, step width & vertical motion analysis

  • RS Scan pressure analysis 
  • Running shoe/foot orthosis comparisons 

Following a silver package consultation you will receive a detailed report of your running gait highlighting any biomechanical issues, asymmetries, foot pressure data & performance indicators. You will also receive advice on gait re-education, strength & mobility, footwear including recommendations & foot orthosis advice & prescription, if required.