3d Gait Analysis

For an in-depth analysis & unrivalled insight into your running gait with regards to running shoes, foot orthoses, identifying risk factors for injury & possible root cause of injury this service is for you. 

3D Gait Analysis

At Run Lab Clinics we are one of only a few clinics in the UK equipped with cutting edge technology that allows us to provide in-depth information regarding your running gait. We use this to assess how your are running & identify any risk factors or possible root cause of injury. 

Our 3D gait analysis consultation provides

  • Run 3D tracking system with 3 vicon cameras & 37 markers
  • High speed video analysis (120fps) of the lower limb
  • RS Scan pressure analysis 
  • Foot orthoses measurement
  • Report

Multiple shoe & foot orthosis comparisons can be carried out during this consultation to provide more accurate information as to which may be more optimal for you with regards to your running & reducing risk factors for injury. 

How 3D Gait Analysis can help!

3D Gait analysis can provide in-depth information about your running in relation to injury, performance, running shoes, foot orthoses & fatigue. 

Through analysing the relationships or patterns during gait of the pelvis, hip, knee, lower leg, foot & ankle we can better understand the possible root causes of injury.

Performance parameters such as cadence, over stride, vertical motion & ground contact time are also measured & analysed

3D Gait with Fatigue Analysis

Most running injuries occur after a period of running & physical fatigue has shown to be a factor in reduced performance and over use injury. Through analysis of pre/post running we are able to observe any changes in a runners mechanics that may increase the stress & loading within the lower limb increasing the risk of injury. 

This option provides analysis of a pre & post run where we are able to analyse any fatigue related changes within gait that may be related to or be the contributing factor for  injury.

Our 3D gait with fatigue analysis consultation provides pre/post

  • Run 3D tracking system with 3 vicon cameras & 37 markers
  • High speed video analysis (120fps) of the lower limb
  • RS Scan pressure analysis 
  • Report 

But I am already seeing a clinician?

Not a problem! We can work with your clinician and provide him/her with a report based on the analysis. Our consultation can be seen as a form of investigation that can help to accurately and objectively identify extent of any dysfunction, risk factors & possible root cause of injury. 

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