3D Gait Analysis

In partnership with Run 3D, Run Lab Clinics is the only clinic in the South West providing real time 3D gait analysis. With Run 3D technology we are able to provide the most accurate assessment of running gait using a scientific approach to capture reliable and measureable information. 

3D Gait Analysis for Injury

Due to the repetitive nature of running, resulting from excessive accumulation of ground reaction forces with every step, the risk of a running related injury is high. 3D gait analysis can be used to help identify risk factors with regards to running related injury. 

3D Gait Analysis for Performance

Running performance & speed is a result of numerous factors working together. Our 3D running analysis  can help identify weaknesses & asymmetries that influencing your running technique. Optimising your running technique could help you to run faster, more economical, less fatigued, with reduced injury risk & improved performance.

Run 3D Technology

Using infrared cameras to track positions of small reflective markers, we are able to precisely calculate joint angles to provide unparalleled insight into an individual’s running gait. 

Following a 3D Gait Analysis we are able to provide in-depth analysis with regards to 

  • Injury risk factors 
  • Running efficiency & performance
  • Running footwear 
  • Foot orthoses
  • Muscular weakness/stiffness & asymmetries 

We can also provide 45 minute gait re-education sessions to help with your technique & correct any identified issues. 

3D Gait Analysis (Silver)

1hr 30min Session

  • 2D video gait analysis of lower limbs
  • 3D infrared gait analysis of lower limbs
  • Spatial-temporal analysis (cadence, stride length, stride width & vertical motion)
  • Multiple running shoe/insole comparisons
  • Identification of 25 injury risk factors/performance indicators 
  • Evidence based exercise prescription advice
  • Running technique advice
  • Running shoe advice/recommendation
  • Customised report & review with clinician

3D Gait Analysis (Gold)

2hr 15min Session

Our gold 3D gait analysis package consists of our silver package plus

  • RS Scan dynamic pressure analysis
  • Muscle strength & dynamic assessment
  • flexibility & joint range of movement assessment
  • Evidence based exercise prescription plan

This is our complete service providing runners with the ultimate in assessment, analysis & management for injuries or looking to improve performance.