3D Gait Analysis Consultation

Our 90 min consultation is for runners looking for accurate, in-depth analysis of their running gait with regards to injury & performance. 3D gait analysis provides an unrivalled insight into a runners gait with accurate, reliable & measurable information. 

Through the use of infrared cameras that track reflective markers we can identify risk factors for injury, along with key areas of your running technique that may impact on performance.

We also provide lower limb strength, mobility & balance assessment along with RS Scan pressure analysis for in-depth analysis with regards to lower limb function, & more specifically the foot & ankle during gait.

This consultation provides a detailed history discussing any musculoskeletal issues, activity/training levels & general health, followed by

  • 3D gait analysis
  • Video analysis of lower limb 
  • RS Scan pressure analysis 
  • Running shoe/foot orthosis comparisons 

Following a 3D gait analysis consultation you will receive a detailed report of your running gait highlighting any biomechanical issues, asymmetries, foot pressure data & performance indicators. If required a tailored exercise prescription plan along with advice on running footwear & foot orthoses, including recommendations & prescription is provided. 

3D Gait Analysis

3D Gait analysis provides in-depth information of your running, footwear & foot orthoses with regards to the

  • Pelvis & Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle

Along with performance parameters including cadence, stride length, step width, vertical motion & contact time