3D Gait Analysis

Powered by Run 3D we provide an unrivalled insight into a runners gait with accurate, reliable & measurable information. We can help identify risk factors & the possible root cause of injury, allowing for a more effective rehabilitation.


3D Gait Analysis Consultation

Our 3D gait analysis consultation provides a detailed history discussing any musculoskeletal issues, activity/training levels & general health. This is then followed by 

  • 3D gait analysis 
  • HD video analysis of the lower limb
  • Pressure analysis  
  • Running footwear &/or foot orthoses comparisons 

Performance parameters such as cadence, over stride, vertical motion & ground contact time are also measured & analysed. Following this you will receive a detailed report identifying any biomechanics issues, asymmetries or risk factors that may be contributing to injury. We will also provide information regarding strength & conditioning, running footwear & foot orthoses. . 

How can it help

3D Gait analysis provides in-depth information with regards to your running, footwear & foot orthoses in relation to the

  • Pelvis & Hip
  • Knee & Lower Leg
  • Foot & Ankle

& how these relationships or patterns during gait may relate to or impact on injury.