Sports Podiatry & Biomechanics

Welcome to Run Lab Clinics

Located in Bristol & Bridgend we are a podiatry clinic specialising in foot pain & running related injury, combining the latest evidence & technology with state of the art RS Scan dynamic pressure analysis & cutting edge 3D gait analysis.

Our clinic is available to anyone from those involved in sport & exercise through to children & the elderly. We provide assessment & treatment for individuals with

  • Muscle & joint pain/stiffness
  • Sports & exercise related injuries
  • Occupational related injuries
  • Arthritic pain of the foot & ankle
  • Callus & corns
  • Footwear related issues

Our clinic provides

  • Injury assessment
  • Routine podiatry 
  • Diabetic foot screening
  • Running footwear advice & fitting
  • 3D gait analysis
  • RS Scan pressure analysis
  • Foot orthoses

Sports Podiatry Consultation


45 minute consultation for foot & ankle related pain, diabetic foot screening & footwear assessments

Gait Analysis & Biomechanics


90 minute consultation with 3D gait analysis & RS Scan pressure analysis. Providing accurate & in-depth analysis

Foot Orthoses (Insoles)


Medical devices providing an effective tool in aiding tissue recovery & helping reduce risk factors for further injury