Sports Podiatry & Biomechanics

Welcome to Run Lab Clinics

Located at Bristol's leading specialist run store we are a sports injury clinic specialising in foot pain, running related injury & running footwear advice. We combine the latest evidence & technology with state of the art RS Scan dynamic pressure analysis & cutting edge 3D gait analysis, which provides one of the most accurate methods available of assessing running gait. 

We are the UK's only clinic providing cutting edge 3D gait analysis, dynamic pressure analysis & a complete management service within a specialist run store. Through detailed assessment we aim to diagnose your injury, treat your pain & manage your rehabilitation, but not just until you are pain-free, we are also proactive with regards to reducing your risk of further injury.

We assess & manage individuals with  

  • Muscle & joint pain/stiffness
  • Sport & exercise related injuries
  • Occupational related injuries
  • Arthritic pain of the foot & ankle
  • Callus & corns
  • Running footwear related issues

Our clinic provides

  • Injury assessment
  • Video analysis 
  • 3D gait analysis
  • RS Scan pressure analysis
  • Running footwear advice & fitting
  • Custom foot orthoses
  • Exercise prescription plans
  • Ankle bracing, strapping & taping 

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Sports Podiatry Consultation


45 minute consultation for those with foot, ankle & lower leg pain whether sport & exercise related or not

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3D Gait Analysis Consultation


90 minute consultation for injured or non-injured runners looking for accurate & in-depth analysis

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Custom Foot Orthoses


Our 3D custom devices  provide optimal efficiency, superior stability & extreme durability.

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Injury Rehabilitation


Strength & conditioning plans for injury management & minimising the risk of further injury

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